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Monkey Man (2024)

Monkey Man (2024)




Dev Patel


Directed by Dev Patel


This is Dev Patel directorial debut, and he also co-wrote this film. This action thriller is your typical 80s revenge film plot, with some modern additional creativity of adding more than the intent for revenge, but a deep-rooted reason for it. The idea that one man can work his way with some luck and well-placed friends on the low end of the income ladder, can be far-fetched, but I like the way the film tries to make it possible, if you do not think too hard on it.

The film has a political tone, with some very graphic violent scenes, which may not go down well with the Indian community it is set in. The film shows how Third World countries are being degraded by corruption, discrimination, and poverty. How people under the guise of spiritual backing and leadership mindset take advantage of the system to gain power. It also shows how the corrupted officials, who are meant to keep things in check, further aid these people to become more influential and powerful.

I like how the film teases you with what seems like violence that will make you think, is this what people are saying is too violent? Then around thirty-seven minutes into the film, you will see some violence that will make you go, ohhh!!!

The film is about Kid/Bobby/Monkey Man (Dev Patel), who watched his mother and the people of his village massacred. He never forgot the face of the man who caused him to have such a difficult life without the love of his mother, and wants revenge. The film starts with Kid in a Monkey Man mask, getting beat up in an underground fighting ring. We soon learn that this was a rigged fight, which he does for money. The moment he had enough money, he began his plan for revenge. This plan included, getting a job with a woman who supplies girls and drugs for the high and mighty in the political sphere. Then after getting the job, grow in the ranks to become one of the servers in the VIP lounge. When he is in the VIP lounge, the first opportunity he gets, kill the man responsible for his mother’s death. Halfway into the film, he did all this, except killing the man did not go as planned and he failed. We are halfway into the film, and he is now on the run. The rest of the film is how he gets his life back on track and, as this is a revenge film, get back on focus to fulfil his lifelong desire for revenge.

The film had a very difficult time coming to light, because of the fear that it will not be well received by the Indian community. It is thanks to Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures, that we get the opportunity to see a film that was completed back in 2021. When Netflix acquired it back then, they changed their mind because of the fear of backlash. In the end, seeing the film has been a thrill. It is fun to see a film now, which even though has the 80s revenge idea, was done with some class and cultural root.

It may (or will) not end up being one of those blockbuster movies for everyone to go see, but I can assure you that, if you go watch this film, you will very well enjoy it.


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