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Tootsie (1982)

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Tootsie (1982)


Dustin Hoffman
Jessica Lange
Teri Garr
Directed by Sydney Pollack
Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Here is a movie about cross-dressing that I actually liked. This movie makes Martin Lawrence Big Momma look like a high school prank.

Starring Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange and directed by Sydney Pollack (Cold Mountain 2003), it was nominated for 10 Academy Awards but only took home one for best supporting actress.

Sydney Pollack the director/producer also played Hoffman's agent in the movie.

Tootsie takes a while getting into, but the moment you do you find yourself smiling all the way to the very end.

It is about a perfectionist, talented but volatile actor Michael Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman) who was difficult to work with and because of that was finding it hard to get a role.

Because of his difficulty, he decided to change a bit, when i say a bit i mean he changed from a man to a woman to land some acting gig so as to raise money to do a stage play.

After becoming famous and falling in love with his co star he was now finding it difficult to keep up appearance.

Dustin Hoffman’s acting was flawless making the other actors in the movie look like they were struggling to keep up.

I did enjoy this movie a lot and would recommend it if you don’t mind watching cross dressing.


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