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Barbershop (2002)

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Barbershop (2002)


Ice Cube
Anthony Anderson
Cedric the Entertainer
Keith David

Directed by Tim Story

Of all the Ice Cube films this is my favorite, it is filled with raw comedy and it is totally cool. The whole Idea of what trouble it is to steal an ATM machine, and then what happens when you borrow money from the wrong people was like a vehicle to progress when it comes to comedy in this film.

I guess my take on Barbershop is that the acting is very much ok, the comedy is well delivered and always straight to the point, causing you the watcher to make regular withdrawals at the laugh bank. The movie was like a helping hand to acting newcomers Eve and Michael Ealy, and it featured some well-rounded actors like Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer and Keith David.

Barbershop makes you laugh all through and plays on the issue that bothers many, “What matters most me or others?” Well that was the question Calvin Palmer, Jr. had to answer as he (Calvin played by Ice Cube) was faced with a dilemma, he either sells the barbershop and chase his dreams or keep it and continue to slug it out with life.

Well Calvin decided to go with the later, believing his dream is bigger and better so he gave up the barbershop that he inherited from his father by selling it to Lester Wallace (Keith David), who fooled Calvin to thinking he will still keep it as a barbershop when he actually will just keep the name Calvin’s Barbershop and turn the shop to a gentleman’s bar.

After a while Calvin learnt he had made a big mistake then he decided to take back the money which ended up being the whole problem that the film is based on, well actually that is half of what the film is based on, because let’s not forget the theft of an ATM machine by JD (Anthony Anderson) and Billy, who believed that they could pry an ATM machine open with power tools.

I just can’t tell you which was funnier to watch, “The tale of the ATM” or “Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer) in the barbershop.” Both were just funny to the core, and in the end of the whole movie both incident ended up in the middle with everyone going home happy.

The huge success of the movie led to a sequel (Barbershop 2: Back in Business) being done two years later and then a Spin-Off Beauty Shop. Both movies didn’t make as much money as the first and didn’t get as much critical approval also.

So if you are like me looking for some good homemade laughs, go see barbershop again.


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