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Pain and Gain (2013)

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Pain and Gain (2013)


Mark Wahlberg
Dwayne Johnson
Anthony Mackie

Directed by Michael Bay

There are many lessons from Pain and Gain, but one of them is not how to commit the perfect crime.
A friend of mine named this movie the best Michael Bay has ever done, I don’t know if he is right, but I will leave you to decide.

Here are the lessons from the movie

Lesson 1: Don’t believe all that you see in movies
Pain and Gain is a true life story of three men, led by Daniel Lugo (Matt Wahlberg), who decide to kidnap a millionaire and get him to sign all his property to him.

How this may sound to you (i.e. if this was a good idea or not) is not the point, the point is the leading man Daniel Lugo decided to commit this crime after watching many movies on how to commit the perfect crime, one thing he failed to understand is that movies make crime look easy, and circumstances always works in favor of the lead actors.

Faced with a real crime, Lugo and his crew Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson) and Adrian "Noel" Doorbal (Anthony Mackie), found it next to impossible to kidnap the man and when they finally did, they discovered that it is not that easy to get the man to sign off his inheritance.

Lesson 2: If you are dumb, DON’T GO INTO CRIME you will get caught
These guys were so foolish that half way into the movie you are reminded that this is a true life story, because some of the things that these guys did were too stupid to be believable.

First it took three attempts to kidnap someone, if that is not a sign to give up I don’t know what is. Next after you got what you wanted from the man, you were too foolish to kill him properly.
They got him drunk and staged a car accident, he survived. Next they set the car on fire with him in it, and he survived, next they ran over him and he still survived, if you don’t believe me, watch this movie and see how three morons proved that killing someone can be difficult.

Lesson 3: Only losers and fools have temper tantrums
Lugo’s temper got him into more problems than he could bargain for.

Lesson 4: If you are the smartest person in a crew, you are in the wrong crew
If Lugo’s crew had someone who was smarter than Lugo I bet he would have told him straight forward that crime don’t pay.

Pain and Gain is a wonderful movie, it will make you laugh, the acting is first class, the photography is well done and, directing is on point. If there is a movie to miss this year, Pain and Gain is not it.


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