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The Grace Card (2011)

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The Grace Card (2011)


Louis Gossett, Jr.
Michael Joiner
Michael Higgenbottom
Stephen Dervan

Directed by David Evans

The Grace Card started well, lost me in the middle with the whole dull events leading to something that I didn’t expect, I have to add; then it took another dull turn of events to change the man from a God hatter to a God lover and then there is the healing and bonding (predictable as ever), then the final moments of the movie that was meant to touch you, just felt out of place.

In general, I wish I could get back the time I have wasted seeing this movie, as it was not worth it.

The Grace Card tries (emphasis on the word tries) to address issues like racism and forgiveness, both topics are worth watching in any movie, but they are not to be tread on carelessly. The movie did a good job of treading carefully that in the end you will lose focus of what the movie is about: now it is racism, the next minute it is anger, and to make it worse when all the cards were down, guess who it was that was going to save the racial dumb-nut in the movie, a black guy. (I bet you didn’t see that one coming *sarcasm*)

Looking at the quality of actors the movie presents, only the two leads seemed to know what they were doing, as every other person acted like they didn’t want to be in the movie.
The screenplay was dull with a capital D (I can’t say that enough) there were long drives to nowhere, and there were endless talks leading also to nowhere.

The movie is about a man (Racial Color: White) who lost his son by the carelessness of another man (Racial Color: Black). He became a cop so that such will not occur again, but in the end he became angrier, hating the system and everything that it represents because some other cops seemed to be getting promoted and while he gets to be sidelined.

Also, there is another (Racial Color: Black), who became a cop to put food on the table as he is a Pastor and he wanted to be able to take care of his family while waiting for his ministry to kick off.
Both guys got partnered together, the racist and the Pastor, and it was one bumpy ride that had their patience stretched.

At the end of the movie I applauded myself for not sleeping off.


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