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Riddick (2013)

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Riddick (2013)


Vin Diesel

Directed by David Twohy

This new installation into the Riddick franchise is just a waste of time, after the long wait I was taken through a solo run which you will notice is similar to what we got from Pitch Black (2000) (the first movie of the franchise), but after we have witnessed Riddick in an environment where he can run free and be a menace, which is what the second installment (The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)) in the franchise showed. I felt taken for a ride when I found myself taken back to the old ways of odd dialogues, action scenes that were just plain and simple and worse of all a restricted environment.

The movie did have its highs though, when you look at the terrain you just have to be impressed in the massive work that would have been put together to achieve it, then the CGI pet that Riddick had, was just cool.

David Twohy and Vin Diesel decided to take the character through a phase that may look like the end of the franchise, what they delivered will not make someone new to the franchise jump on board and in a way I had to struggle to keep awake while watching this movie, something you will not expect when you are watching a Riddick movie.

The plot has our hero stranded on a dead planet, after the incident with the Necromonger in the second movie, where he became their Lord Marshall.

Riddick was finding it hard to live the caged life of being a ruler, he refused to become a Necromonger which led many to turn against him. Riddick strikes a deal with Commander Vaako, for the location of Furya and a ship to take him there, in exchange for Vaako becoming the next Lord Marshall.

The deal didn’t go as Riddick planned, he soon found himself stranded on a dead planet with bounty hunters coming after him.

I don’t feel the acting the worth commending at all, Vin Diesel and the CGI is where all the budget went because all the other actors in the movie were just below standard, when you merge that with a screenplay that started more like I Am Legend (Will Smith in 2007), and what you have is a movie that will bore you.

I do wish I didn’t watch this, I won’t say I saw this happening because truly I was expecting this movie to be a hit (from my view that is).
If you are feeling some Riddick blues, watch The Chronicles of Riddick (2004).


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