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Moms' Night Out (2014)

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Mom’s Night Out (2014)


Sarah Drew
Sean Astin
Patricia Heaton
Andrea Logan White
Robert Amaya

Directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin

Mom’s Night Out is a faith based Christian family movie that takes too long to begin and when it does, the anti-climax ending is what will finally be the nail on the coffin for a not so great movie.

The movie wasn’t half bad if you are in for some faith based tale alone. Because every other thing that happened in the movie that was meant to make me laugh, to be honest did, but then the whole plot falls apart the longer the movie stayed on the screen.

The major issue I had with the movie, was not the acting (which is typically the issue many have with Christian movies), but the fact that I was supposed to be touched in some religious way by this movie. I felt more of it being a B-Movie gone Christian, than a Christian movie meant for the cinemas.
The acting in the movie was not bad at all, to be honest I have to give it to Christian movie makers for coming out gun blazing with the acting that we get to see in today’s Christian movies, maybe because many of the main screen actors are now involved, professing their faith to all or the budget used in these movies have increased tremendously.

The movie will not leave you gasping for breath laughing if that is what you are looking for, but guaranteed you will be laughing if you watch this movie about 3 moms who decided to put the whole stay home mum life on the shelf and have a night out.

Their night out was led by mother of three Allyson who with her friends Izzy and Sondra expected a night to unwind while Allyson's husband, takes care of the kids.
Their night started with Allyson screwing up their dinner reservation, and then Allyson’s sister in law’s infant son, Phoenix, goes missing.
The mothers gang up to search for the boy, while at home the husbands are finding it hard to take care of the kids with no casualties.

Other than the fact that the movie grossed twice its budget in the Box Office I see it having high DVD sales as many will be curious to see homemade family fun that they can watch with their children and not feel threatened by what the movie screen could throw at them.
If you are looking for a decent movie for the Sunday get together with the family, then this movie can be the one for you, you just have to be patient for like 40 minutes for them to be done with the intro of all the cast involved.


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