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Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

Christmas with the Kranks (2004)


Tim Allen
Jamie Lee Curtis
Dan Aykroyd

Directed by Joe Roth

Well, it is that time of the year again, where we watch the old Christmas movies to see if they can get you into the Christmas cheer early. Christmas with the Kranks is one of those movies I always wanted to see and now I finally did.

It will not be written as an old classic, but it did have the regular Christmas cheer to go around. The weird old man nobody knows (who really is Santa), the arguably annoying person who turns out not to be so bad and the most important of all a Christmas miracle nobody expects, except you the viewer.

Tim Allen is not new to staring in Christmas movies, his The Santa Clause trilogy will be seen as a Christmas inclusion to re-watch. Although you have to stick to both the first and second part of the trilogy. The last part was not worth seeing and even I that saw it will like to forget about it.

In this Christmas movie, Allen is joined by Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd, both did in their own way made sure this movie had the Christmas spirit.
For a Christmas movie, you can say this will pass, all you need for a Christmas movie is a formula and that is it, but as a movie this is a fail.
It had its funny moments and highly ridiculous scenes, but those were not strong enough to leave a lasting taste in your mouth that you have seen a movie.

At the end, you will not be able to hold on to a moment in this film which I blame the writers for because every movie or show most have a moment.
The moment that jumps right into your mind when someone ask you, “Hey! Have you seen Christmas with the Kranks?”

In this adaptation of a John Grisham’s novel named Skipping Christmas, Luther Krank had an idea.
His only daughter has gone on a peace corp to Peru, alone this Christmas with his wife, he had the idea of skipping Christmas and going on a cruise with the Mrs. In other to get her on board he decided to do some calculations.
Based on his calculation, if they skip Christmas and go on the cruise they can save close to $3,000.

Mrs. Krank bought the idea and they started the journey of skipping Christmas. The whole idea was not going well with their neighbors, who were making the last two days before the cruise hell for the Kranks.

They held up, and hours before they go on their cruise a phone call came in which meant a disaster to the plan of skipping Christmas.

It is a funny mediocre Christmas movie not one that can be suited for a rewatch.


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