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Dutch (1991)

Dutch (1991)


Ed O'Neill
Ethan Randall

Directed by Peter Faiman

When Dutch kicks off, you are left wondering the way the movie will turn. Maybe it will turn the way you will expect or bring with it many different angles you will not expect from a movie like this. Well it did the later. Dutch brought with it many angles to comedy that I did not expect and even though it was not a superb or great movie I had fun watching it.

Many of the things that I saw watching this 1991 movie which had John Hughes producing it, I did not expect and haven’t seen before. Many of the happenings on screen drove me into uncontrolled laughter.
The cast of Ed O’Neil (Dutch) and Ethan Embry (Doyle) did a great job in the portrayal of two mismatched pair trying to get home for the holidays.

The Dutch character was a total surprise in the movie in the way he handled himself and the way he was handled by Doyle a child he is supposed to care for. The two started a drive to California which ended up being much like a hitchhiker ride to California. The whole bonding thing between the two did not look anywhere like it was going to happen as the movie pulled in closer to the garage for an end to a cool ride.
In the ending though we witnessed a strong bonding and a firm eye opener for the Doyle character.

Dutch is about a spoilt child, who lived with his mother. She was divorced from his father who was also spoilt and filthy rich. The mother was now dating a man named Dutch who was willing to do anything to be closer to her.
In the interest of getting closer, he decided to volunteer to go pick her son Doyle from school and drive him home because Doyle’s father claims he will traveling for the holidays.

The bonding session started with an attack on Dutch, which led to Dutch tying Doyle up and dragging him to the car.

The journey which was meant to be a joy ride ended up being a disaster and we are privilege to see how Dutch was planning to break the kid and how the kid was planning to break Dutch.
Dutch has bad ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, but the audience poll on it was much better. When it came to financial returns the movie was a flop back in 1991.

Well a rare privilege of a movie and one I enjoyed seeing this festive season.


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