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Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)


Paul Rudd
Evangeline Lilly
Michael Peña
Michael Douglas
Laurence Fishburne

Directed by Peyton Reed

Here it is, a movie well done with characters blending with amazing chemistry. Everyone in this movie did their part in making this movie look effortless and easy.

Kudos to Paul Rudd and the ladies for their acting and Peyton Reed who also directed Ant-Man (2015) for this good sequel.
Well, with Lang’s glitching suit, dressing him up as a child, him skating with a bus and the numerous comedic instances; this movie is a wedge between the tough chaos of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and we getting a happy Avengers movie ending.

A lot better than the first Ant-Man (2015) and why do critics say this movie is the funniest Marvel Cinematic Movie? Thor: Ragnarok (2017) is way funnier and even more interesting.

The movie is good, funny, interesting and most definitely worth seeing to get a grip of how Ant-Man will be instrumental in stopping Thanos. Do not misunderstand, the movie is not just good to see how Thanos will be stopped, it is good on its own as Disney/Marvel continue to dominate the Superhero Movie Universe.

All the whole hiccup in the movie could have been stopped if the heroes and potential villain just stopped to work together to see how they can help Ava and Janet. Instead we had to wait to the end of the movie to see them make it work, kind of against their will.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is a sequel to Ant-Man (2015) and the 20th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is filled with cool thrilling scenes, great visual effects,
The movie plot starts with a little flashback. Then we get to present day and Lang is under house arrest because he went to Germany to help Captain America and broke some rules.

Pym and Hope didn’t know about Lang’s travels and are upset with him and they are on the run from the law.
After Lang had a dream about Janet Van Dyne playing hide and seek with Hope (with him as Janet) he called Pym to tell him his dream. Hope shows up to take him against his will because he is trying not to break his house arrest rules, as he will be free to move around in just two days.
Now that Hope and Pym know that Janet is alive, they start working on how to get her back. The problem is they are being chased by a man named Burch whom they buy parts from illegally, he wants in on the whole Quantum thing. They are also being chased by The Ghost/Ava who wants the lab to use to help her get herself back together.
All, this happening while Lang’s is trying to be a good dad and not break his house arrest.

Cool scenes to expect in this movie, Luis (Michael Peña) is kind of the coolest thing in the movie especially when he gives Burch the lowdown on where to find Lang, Pym and Hope. Or when Lang was taken over by Janet to help Pym and Hope find her.
The movie is cool, straight forward and very much worth seeing, can’t wait to see how Ant-Man plays into the upcoming Avengers 4 (2019) movie.


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