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BlacKkKlansman (2018)

BlacKkKlansman (2018)


John David Washington
Adam Driver

Directed by Spike Lee

The idea of this movie which was a Black man infiltrating the KKK didn’t seat well with me at first. So I dragged my feet before going to see this movie, but after seeing this movie I have to say it was enjoyable.

For me this stands out as Spike Lee’s best. The movie stars John David Washington and Adam Driver, and both gave a performance that deserves recognition. The film ends with footage from the 2017 march rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. We also got to see footage of the white supremacists former KKK leader David Duke giving a speech to the counter-protesters. Add to that the car attack which led to the loss of life. The film then ends with a memorial to Heather Heyer, the car attack victim.
The movie did not even try to play it easy giving us the hate and racism fresh and strong.

The movie plot is set in the 70s. When a local African-American Ron Stallworth (Washington) decided to join the Colorado police force. He wanted so much to be part of something big and asked to be transferred to the intelligence unit.
While there he saw in the paper an advertisement to join the Ku Klux Klan. He picks up the phone and calls them. He acts as racist as he could get on the phone, using the “N” word and every other racial comment to make his pre-interview go well. Problem is, when he as asked to come for the real one-on-one interview he now has to solve the main problem. How can a black man show up for a KKK interview?

He makes a deal with his commanding officer to allow his colleague Flip Zimmerman (Driver) to be the face of Ron Stallworth while he will be the voice. They actually pulled it off and the fun plus comedy in the movie are the events that happens while both of them are playing Ron Stallworth.

Their investigation drove them deep into the roots of the KKK and also they get to meet David Duke.

The movie does a fine job in the writing as it tries to keep you glued at all times, but I have to say the life of real Ron with the lady of his interest were the dull moments of the film.
In the end this movie is worth the watch a little bit too long with the over 120 minutes to watch, but you will be able to make it through.

It has been a critical and commercial success for Spike Lee and I hope his next movie will be just as good.


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