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Sorry To Bother You (2018)

Sorry To Bother You (2018)


Lakeith Stanfield
Tessa Thompson
Jermaine Fowler

Directed Boots Riley

Sorry to bother you starts off by pricing itself as a movie trying to attack how much we rely on ignorance of what wealthy company do with our freedom. It also attacks the way capitalism is consuming the existence of those who cannot be in the top one percent. Finally the movie tries to address the racial discrepancy in the way people address us based on how we sound.

All the above makes it seem like you are about to witness a movie with a strong political statement masked with enough comedy to keep you glued. I have to apologize to does who found this movie entertaining and the message worth experiencing because to me this movie was crap.

The acting was not jumping right at you from this movie. As our lead goes about looking for job in an economy that has seemed to have drained the whole society. He lives in his uncle’s garage and he is barely making by. He got a job at telemarketing and there he is trying to make as much sales as he can so he can earn enough commission to get a life.

On TV is the constant ad of a company asking people to willing come and sign on and get free food, accommodation and never worry about utility. The catch is, you are basically selling your life away. You will live in like a dormitory and have no more privacy.

He has considered this, but choose not to be trapped. At work his colleagues are making a move to kick back against the cooperation and he instead of joining of the ranks stab his friends in the back.
He took a promotion at work because of his outstanding performance and choose the money over his friends.

Things start to turn around fast. He lost his girlfriend and soon he gets to see the cruel intention of the company offering free life for nothing. He then sees the turned around when he finds out who really he is working for.

If you still choose to see this movie, I wish you luck because I think the message have been better extracted here in this review.

It appeared to me as a short film spread over too many reels. The message could have best been passed in fifteen minutes instead of the over an hour and a half they spent passing the most important message of all. People are aware of all the above and do not care.
Yes we are aware of what Facebook is doing with our personal details, but still we do not care. We continue to post on social media regardless of all the negative things we have heard is happening.

Fake news is spreading and we have been turned to a work horses for these companies. We do not get paid for all the money we are helping them to make, but are fed anxiety and finicky pleasure.

Yes, everyone is aware of the crime being committed by all these tech giants and we do not care because we are hooked. We are hooked and this movie kept losing itself in the obscure reality of things and failed to entertain but the least.


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