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Big Daddy (1999)

Big Daddy (1999)


Adam Sandler
Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Joey Lauren Adams
Jon Stewart

Directed by Dennis Dugan

Going back to see an Adam Sandler movie of the 90s will make you wonder what changed in this guys style of movie making. I guess from seeing it will be his soul. His old movies had soul, there was an attempt to connect with the viewer. In addition to that they always had soundtracks that were well crafted to make you listen and want to own it.
If you can recall any of his old movies you will understand this better. They may not be masterpieces like this one, but they were enjoyable and you go through the moments with him.

Yes, this was not one of his best movies as you can pick the holes in the plot with ease. From the social services inability to hand over a child to his right father properly. To the raising of the child made to seem easy and just a fun ride.
The movie’s fall in love with my best friend’s fiancee sister was lame to the max. If it was not in their intention to speed up their romance, she seemed a little easy to be owned and what a coincidence she happened to be the one in the park that day.

That aside no matter how much you can pick out the silliness in this movie, the fun is watching Sandler’s character Sonny play dad. He sucked at it and no matter how much he tried to make us believe that he had it covered you can easily see that he didn’t.

The movie plot is about a selfish man named Sonny. He was self-centered and was willing to go out of his way to make sure that he did nothing and around him nothing was done as it should be. His girlfriend just dumped him and he was finding it hard to get ahead without her. After ruining his best friend’s birthday surprise and proposal, Sonny decided to take it one step further in his loser antics.

He lied to social services that he was Kevin (his best friend) and that the five-year-old child they dropped at his doorstep (for he and Kevin were roommates) was his.
He did this to make himself seem responsible as he tried to get his now ex-girlfriend back.

She was not impressed by his adoption of a child, and it all blew up in his face. He then decided to keep the child and we get to see the comedy play out in him raising the child and the repercussion of lying.

Like I said, the only fun there is when it comes to Adam Sandler is to go back and see his old movies, because his new ones have not in anyway made any attempt to please.


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