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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


Keanu Reeves
Halle Berry
Laurence Fishburne
Mark Dacascos

Directed by Chad Stahelski

This is and will be one of the best movies of 2019. I saw a good movie and i was entertained, this franchise always seems to get better with every movie. You can bet they task themselves, saying we must do better and they do. Mark Dacascos is always an awesome person to watch.
After you have gone half way into this movie, you will be asking this question - “what is with these people and dogs?” also why do people keep wanting to kill a dog someone finds joy in.

“John Wick, excommunicado 20 minutes,” we hear an announcer say as the countdown starts.

The movie starts with a bang as John Wick 3 continues from where the last one stops. Our man Wick is on the run and the time for the hunt is going fast. The bounty on his head for his crime in the continental of killing on the grounds is fourteen million, and some people have chosen not to wait for the countdown to end.

The word is fascinating. Whether you were on the John Wick train from the first movie or you did a quick watch to catch up and join in, you are welcomed with awesomeness. Wick is not made to be untouchable, but un-killable. He tries to roundup things before time goes out and the hunt begins.

The movie plot continues, if we can remember how this all started, some men killed his dog after he found joy in the dog after his wife’s death. John is part of an underground and organized hitmen/hitwomen world. They have their own way of handling things and themselves.

John hunts down the men who killed his dog and kills them all. He continues his revenge in the second part and when he was done, he was betrayed by a friend. An act he took very personal and serious, which led to him killing on continental grounds (which in the world he lives in it is against the rules, something we are informed from the first movie).
This caused the bounty on his head as John is now being hunted by everyone who thinks they can take him down. The movie has some amazing choreography, from knife throwing, hand to hand fight and as we are familiar gun fights that borderline on amazing.

John continues his roundup on favors Sofia (Halle Berry) as he tries to meet with someone who he says will give him guidance, and help him make amends to what he has caused.
Now things are not just bad for Wick, but everyone who helps him. The high table which governs Wick world, are angry and are going after everyone he cares for him.

This is what the movie is about, Wick trying to find the elder.

You should go see this movie and prepare to be entertained. As not just Wick is the bad guy in this movie capable of doing some amazing things, crossing Sofia is not a good thing. I cannot wait to see Chapter 4.


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