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Coffee & Kareem (2020)

Coffee & Kareem (2020)


Ed Helms
Terrence Little Gardenhigh
Betty Gilpin
Taraji P. Henson

Directed by Michael Dowse

Coffee & Kareem is a Netflix cumbersome waste of an action comedy, which comes off as a buddy cop genre with a 12-year-old and an adult officer. This is a very terribly written movie, whose comedy is so written to disgust the hell out of you.

When Coffee and Kareem gets going you are made to remember the 2019 comedy Good Boys. This movie at first feels like Good Boys, then it gets really going and it becomes irritating and unnerving. The vulgarity from the children in the first five minutes alone was so uncomfortable I was taken back.
I later recognized Betty Gilpin from The Hunt (2020) (I always wanted to see her at work in another movie), which made me sit through this. In the end, she along with every other cast delivered what I can categorize as a disappointing outing.

A movie about a 12-year-old on the run with his mother’s boyfriend after witnessing a murder, seem to pack much punch as an idea than the final outcome.

This young man’s name is Kareem and he hates his mother’s new boyfriend Coffee. When he came home and saw them having sex, he decided he had to end the relationship. He did some asking around and found an address where he could find someone to take care of his problem.
The challenge to this plan was, when he got there to make the arrangements to have this police officer taken care of, he witnessed a murder.

Gunshots brings Coffee into the room and now both of them are on the run from the bad guys. Coffee already has a bad rep in the police department so this present situation was not helping him much.
Add to that, Kareem’s mother is not happy to find out that her son was on the run with her boyfriend.

The movie Good Boys (2019) was a cool movie. The children’s innocence played out on screen side by side with the adult content, in the theme, the screenplay or words makes you enjoy the innocence that guided this comedy to make it entertaining.
The writers of this here movie though decided to take away that innocence and leave behind the adult content and vulgarity, making me wanting to stop watching, but curiosity got the better of me.

With the numerous bad language and the violence this is one movie I know no one should be watching at all.


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