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Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)


Starring the voices of

Michael J. Fox

James Garner

Cree Summer

Don Novello

Phil Morris

Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

Before 2001, just delve back and you will see that Disney is not one that likes to jump into the realm of Science Fiction. This was their first Science Fiction animated feature and it was released a year before Treasure Planet (2002) which was also a science fiction adventure feature.

The movie boast of a different artistic style at that time and like the movie after it, it was not much of a box office hit. Years after, Atlantis has become one of those Disney movies which have a cult following. I cannot seem to find anyone who has not seen this movie and not walked away loving it for the story and the way it was animated. This was Disney’s 41st feature film and it was not aimed at children at all. Just like Treasure Planet (2002) the movie seem to be made for more matured audience and the sad returns led to a sequel being done as a direct-to-video.

Michael J. Fox was employed to voice the lead character Milo and along with some other amazing voice actors we delve into the adventure of finding Atlantis the lost empire.

It starts with the introduction to Milo an adventurer seeking funding to go search for the lost city. He seem to be on this hunt just like his grandfather which he adores much so much.

Set in 1914, Milo’s obsession has led him to be a ridicule at the Smithsonian Institute which he works. Milo we learn is a cartographer and a linguist which are skills he plans to use to find Atlantis. After his plea for funding has been rejected again by the board, he resigns. He gets home to be greeted by a charming lady, who tells him that a benefactor wants to meet him. The man who wanted to meet Milo was Whitmore, an old man who has been a partner to Milo’s grandfather. Certain things have come to be and there is a book Milo’s grandfather left behind with Whitmore. His grandfather felt Whitmore will know best when to give the book to Milo, he felt the time was right. Milo believes the book is the needed key to go find Atlantis.

Whitmore provides the mode of transport, the crew and finances needed for Milo to go find Atlantis.

The movie is about their journey, discovery and the impact of that discovery to their lives. The movie had issues because it was one of the first animated feature to not feature any songs, like previous Disney’s movies. All that aside it is a very decent film to see and enjoy for what it is, a wonderful take on the mythical world under water.


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