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The Little Things (2021)

The Little Things (2021)



Denzel Washington

Rami Malek

Jared Leto

Directed by John Lee Hancock

The Little Things is very unsatisfying. The movie reminds you of a lot of cool psychological thrillers, then you get to the new guy inviting the old guy to his house and you place that psychological thriller. This movie is a bad Seven (1995) wannabe. Seven stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt and this movie feels like someone saw Seven and wanted to make his own movie with the same dark feel.

In this here movie we have an old detective (Denzel Washington as Deke) leading the new guy (Rami Malek as Jim) around. The movie wastes so much time and mystery going over the old guys past than it does investigating. Hell, I got so tired of the flashbacks and references to what happened in the past that I wondered if the present situation mattered at all. For the sake of the time I had invested into this movie I had to stay attentive so I do not lose sight of the present situation.

Allow this amateur reviewer to speak more about this movie, you see in the end the movie just glazes over the needed investigating by these so called bad-ass detectives. Then it links up Deke’s past with Jim’s future, then the movie ends not satisfying any need of seeing it.

The movie starts with a lady getting away from a man we suspect is out to hurt her. Then we jump ahead to Deke trying to get some evidence in a situation that looks like everyone he speaks with wants him to leave. Soon Deke gets a running with the new detective filling the space he left behind, Jim. It so happens Deke used to be a detective a really good one, until a series of murders got him obsessed and ruined his life. He had to step down from the job and take another as a deputy sheriff elsewhere. He and Jim did not hit it off at first, but a string of murders similar to the one Deke was obsessing about in the past brought them to the same plate.

The movie then takes deeper dives into Deke’s past and we get to know why he is so obsessed with the case. Then they find a suspect a certain man named Sparma (Jared Leto) who is so weird and strange that he ticks all the box. The two become so glued on Sparma that it turns to something else, what that is, I will advise you read the spoiler and stop there.

One good thing the movie has are three lead characters who played to their strengths. Denzel played the old guy who has seen it all, Rami played the annoying new guy who is ready to work with anyone to get the job done. Then there is Leto who played the psycho who makes you feel creepy inside.

Written, produced and directed by John Lee Hancock this is a movie I will not be recommending to anyone to see, even die hard fans of Denzel or the other two.


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