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Sword of the Stranger (2006)

Sword of the Stranger (2006)


Starring the voices

Tomoya Nagase

Yuri Chinen

Naoto Takenaka

Kōichi Yamadera

Directed by Masahiko Minami

Sword of the Stranger is one of those classy viewing experience that leaves you wondering why such a classy anime has not had a live action remake. This is a blood thirsty, sword wielding samurai action film that not only pleases with its action sequences, but also it’s story.

Here is a story that is easy to follow and does not waste time in some form of mystery. I like how the animation had many strings that you feel needed to be explored, but just left it. It felt like Bones the production studio/director was like – leave it who cares where all these lead.

No point trying to make a deep story of were Nanashi is from or why Kotaro’s fate which led him to be a chosen vessel to be sacrificed, instead they left all that for a succinct story with enough engaging action scenes.

The story takes place in Japan during I believe the Sengoku period where many warring factions are fighting for control. Well, that has nothing to do with this story, because our story starts with a young boy named Kataro and his dog who are being led away by a man as we come to realise they are being chased. The man tells Kataro to run and head to a temple, giving him a jewel and ask him to sell it in case he needs money.

We see the young boy some time later, stealing to feed as he journeys his way to the temple to which he was sent. We then meet some Chinese warriors being led by some Japanese who are looking for the boy. Out of the Chinese men one of them is a foreigner with blond hair and blue eyes, who was a bad ass as we see him kill a ton of men who attacked their party on his own.

We come to realise the Chinese crew have paid for land in Japan and are building some sort of thing, and the boy is needed for their structure to fulfill its intent. The young boy is now seen trying to cook the fish he just stole, when he sees a man (Nanashi) resting in his present hideout. He tells the man that he does not plan to share his food with him, but his dog took a liking to Nanashi and the two ate together. The two were attacked and Nanashi saved the boy from his attackers. The young boy promises his jewel if Nanashi helps him find the temple they were going.

Nanashi took the offer and their journey had many mishaps, fighting and some very insightful understanding of everything happening.

This animation was rated as one of the best animation at the time of its release and I for one believe regardless of when, this is one of the best things you can see.


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