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Army of Thieves (2021)

 Army of Thieves (2021)





Matthias Schweighöfer

Nathalie Emmanuel

Ruby O. Fee

Stuart Martin

Guz Khan

Jonathan Cohen


Directed by Matthias Schweighöfer


For a comedy heist film, I only laughed once when Sebastian wanted to do a manly thing and punch Brad in the face. Other than that, the comedy in the movie is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In the end the movie was an anticlimax. It serves as a prequel to another Netflix movie Army of the Dead.

I did not bother seeing Army of the Dead, the first movie in this Zack Snyder Army of the Dead franchise majorly because if you tell me anything has zombies in it, I technically don’t bother. So almost did not see this, until I got the full gist that this is more focused on the set of heists this crew were going to be pulling of.

In the end, for me if you never see this movie, you have not missed anything, the movie only had one high, when everything went to shit after the second heist then, it nosedived.

I do feel Snyder is a great writer, but this movie had so much fluff that like half of it can be cut out and the remaining hour of the movie will still make full sense. The movie did an over thirty minutes intro to everything and everyone, which almost made me turn off and go look for something better to do.

Then the first heist happens, and it was so easy, like a walk in the park. I was curious to know what will happen next in the second heist which according to Gwen, was going to be a lot harder.

The movie starts with us meeting Sebastian, who loves safes and safe cracking. He was recruited by Gwen to join her gang of international thieves who are wanted everywhere. In the crew we have, Sebastian the safe cracker. Korina the hacker (every crew in these present days always need a hacker to do some hacking things). Getaway driver Rolph (player by British comedian Guz Khan and the only reason I bothered to give this movie a chance.) and gunman Brad.

The team is set to commit three bank robberies with it getting harder as they proceed. The main catch for Sebastian is that one of the safe he always wanted to see, and crack is part of this list of crimes.

The first like I said was a walk in the park, the second not as much. It was then, things finally got pretty, but not for very long as the movie was unable to maintain that momentum and it ended in a very disappointing way.

You can catch this movie on Netflix.


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