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They Harder They Fall (2021)

The Harder They Fall (2021)




Jonathan Majors

Idris Elba

Zazie Beetz

Regina King

Delroy Lindo


Directed by Jeymes Samuel


The surprise ending is the best part of this movie, the build up to it was ok. I liked the acting. Each character leaves a memorable taste, and they cover a wide range depiction. The story is something you have seen before, but the energy and the drive of the movie is what makes you want to sit through this movie.

When it comes to putting things like this together, the coolest thing needed to make it all work is a soundtrack that makes it each moment memorable, this movie had that. The setting and atmosphere where this movie is staged is cool, and you will notice and appreciate how they spliced the costume with modern and traditional cowboy gears, the movie is set in the 19th century.

The movie uses an old template to build its world setting, the main premise of the movie is one of revenge. We start out with a ten-year-old boy witnessing the brutal murder of his parents and the killer then scaring him for life, by drawing a cross on his forehead. He grows to a man (Nat) and starts down a path of revenge on the man (Rufus) who put a major dent in his life. Rufus is an outlaw whose crimes had him locked up for some time, he got out thanks to a pardon and returned to a town (Redwood) now ran by one of his former gang mates.

Rufus is informed that his gang had been robbed by a man named Nat who took their $25,000. Nat wanting revenge, got his own gang of outlaws together with a plan to get into the Redwood and kill Rufus. Field Nat’s love interest suggested the idea to go scout the town, but that did not go well as Rufus took her hostage.

The condition for her release was for Nat to return the money he stole from his gang with an additional $10,000. Which means Nat and his gang must go rob a bank to get this. They know all the cards are stacked against them, because there is no bank in their area with that kind of money. And even if they get the money., there is no guarantee that Rufus will let Field go.

You must watch the movie to find out how they manage to handle the situation before them.

The movie characters were life living people of the 19th century even though the movie plot is fictional. You can catch this movie on Netflix at the moment



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