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Father of the Bride (2022)

Father of the Bride (2022)




Andy Garcia

Gloria Estefan

Adria Arjona

Isabela Merced


Directed by Gaz Alazraki



If you think you will be welcomed to a scene after the wedding, where the father of the bride narrates how we got to that point, forget it. This film does not have the father of the bride as the narrator like the previous ones before it. The film itself is very forgettable and leaves no mark.

Father of the Bride the Latin remix has its heart set in the right place, but the execution is sad and boring. Except the ending when everything fell apart, and they had to have the wedding in a new venue, everything before then was just a drag. The story is pathetic, unrealistic and the film seemed like a bad joke. I can understand the challenge of trying to make lightning strike thrice. The first Father of the Bride duo movies in the 50s were great. The 90s duo remake were even more superb, so trying to create a woke rendition for this new generation is a trying task they took on and failed in my view.

Removing all the classic magic that came from the money talk as the Father of the Bride trying to be cheap, killed the comedy for me concerning him. This new version of an overly wealthy man who saw money as no problem, but hell-bent on tradition, was more annoying than funny.

The film also took away the traditional marital settings from both previous remakes and just left everything else that people of this new world we live in will love.

I think anyone that says this film is anywhere as good as the previous two remakes is a big liar and should never be trusted.

I felt the film wasted such a great opportunity to redo the film from a Latin point of view. This whole war on wealth and using retired Latin tropes made the film more tiresome than it should.

The plot is about the Herrera family whose daughter Sofi comes home to drop the surprise that she wants to get married in a months’ time to her man Adan. Billy her father (Andy Garcia) and Ingrid her mother (Gloria Estefan) were shocked to the core, but Ingrid rolled with it and Billy was not happy to be losing his daughter so quickly. From there the film left the idea of Billy losing his daughter to Billy and Adan’s father Hernan trying to take over the wedding.

The couple wanted a small wedding, while both fathers wanted a big wedding, except one wanted one bigger than the other.

The film is about this coming wedding and how Billy is trying to take charge of it, as his own marriage falls apart, and we see how much focus he has Sofi who went to college and how he does not respect his other daughter Cora for not wanting to go to college.

In the end, the film is just meh and not worth my time. It is one thing to see while waiting for something better. I felt the existence is insulting to the memory of the Father of the Bride of the 90s.


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