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Cocaine Bear (2023)

Cocaine Bear (2023)



Keri Russell

O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Christian Convery

Alden Ehrenreich


Directed by Elizabeth Banks


I must be honest with you this movie is one of those easy to enjoy things when you take yourself to the cinema to see it. The movie for me is going to end up being one of those movies which will do well on TV. It will end its theatrical run and end up on some streaming platforms and cable movie stations and do fantastically well.

The movie writing is not fantastic, and the directing is not top class, but I am a fan of Elizabeth Banks works and I think regardless of the flaws of this move she managed to bring out the fun needed to coast through seeing this movie. Which I think is one of needed traits of a good director take a simple story and craft it in a way that the flow of the movie is maintained the characters don’t outshine one another. Then she managed to link all the different points of the movie in a way that you will not notice the tricks used. At one point I was like wait, how come…???

But the made-up instances and all to convenient outcomes led to everyone being in the same location as the movie wound up.

I do not know which part of the movie is true, but what I can tell you is that the main plot is simple. We have a bear who is high on cocaine and was so hooked on the feeling that it started looking for it everywhere and it became very aggressive also. It starts when a drug dealer threw bags of cocaine off a plane and jumped off with a parachute but died on his way down.

A bear stumbles upon the bags and eat some of the cocaine which made it aggressive and it attacks a couple in the woods killing one of them.

In the same town a mother sends her child to school only for her daughter to skip school with her best friend to go into the woods. They get chased by the bear and lose one another.

Elsewhere the dealer who was supposed to receive the cocaine sends his two men team into the town to retrieve the cocaine.

With a bear on the loose killing people at random we have a mother with a park ranger in the woods looking for a little girl. A two men team from the drug dealers looking for this cocaine bags. The cops also in the woods looking for said bag.

Our high and aggressive bear is on the rampage looking for more cocaine to consume.



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