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65 (2023)

65 (2023)




Adam Driver

Ariana Greenblatt



Directed by     Scott Beck and Bryan Woods

#contains spoilers#

Of all the paths this movie could have taken, I am left to wonder why it chose this boring path. The movie is not hard to grasp and the CGI is top notch, but the story is too boring for something with this much potential.

The idea that elsewhere in the universe there are aliens who have evolved to look like us and have been around longer than humans have ever existed, and they come to our planet. You can take this any path you want from Superman paths to Star Wars. But this movie decided that when these Aliens come to the Earth it happened 65 million years before today. They came to Earth 10s of millions of years before humans. So they crashed into a dinosaur age Earth. Let me resay this, when you think of the fact that these aliens evolved to look like humans your Sci-Fi mind is going the path of Star Wars, or Star Trek or any of the numerous good Space Operas – Superman or other superheroes, all these concepts have been nailed, so copying anyone of them is no problem. This movie does not take such a path, the lack of human interaction is one thing, but then they are dropped in the time of dinosaurs. I thought, maybe there will be something similar to the paths of the King Kong movie Kong: Skull Island, when they are trapped on an island of monsters. But the movie decided to take a predictable path of Mills running away from monsters trying to get to his escape pod to leave. With such a direct intent with his other survivor as a partner Koa a young girl, you are just watching two people running to a ship and being lucky on their journey, killing dinosaurs left and right.

The movie cast only shows us four characters. The first two are just shown for less than five minutes, then the other two are Mills and Koa. Adam Driver’s character Mills is going to pilot a deep space exploration to get paid enough money for his dying daughter. When he crashed on Earth and the only other survivor Koa must work together to leave Earth.

The movie is not far from being a B-Movie, because the only place you see movies like this are on TV mornings. B-Movies who do not try to be more than what they are. This movie got a theoretical release and expensive CGI and still I have seen better B-Movies do a better job with this amazing idea.


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