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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)




Chris Pine

Michelle Rodriguez

Regé-Jean Page

Justice Smith

Sophia Lillis

Hugh Grant


Directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley


This movie is cool, and I can understand why it is a hit both for audience and critics. The movie has a nice blend of fantasy, adventure, and comedy. This family friendly movie had me in the end with its emotions and it also did well in not making me guess how the stone, which is the center of the journey, will be used. It was easy to guess when the avenue to use it presented itself, but somehow the movie distracted me so much by the many things happening that at times I forgot about the center of the whole journey. These distractions are piled on in the lack of good plans, how what seems to be amazing plans get messed up in the end. And when you think you have seen it all and our heroes are on their way to a happy ending, then you remember that the bad guys are not just bad, they are evil.

The movie is said to be true to the material, since I am not a fan of the material, nor have I read any or played any of its games (video or board), I guess I will have to take the words of the audience on this. This alone is one of the biggest selling points of this movie, the way it handled its magic system and introduced someone like me who has no idea of the world of Dungeons and Dragons, into its world. I got swept up in the love of this movie and look forward to a sequel.

The movie plot is about Edgin (Chris Pine) who formed a crew with Holga (a barbarian and adopted mother to Edgin’s daughter Kira, Simon (an amateur sorcerer) and Forge (a con man). The crew are involved in stealing and making enough to care for themselves. One day, a mysterious lady called Sofina approached the group to perform a job for her and she will be coming along. Edgin was not interested, but Forge was able to convince him that this journey will help to reunite him and his late wife.

Things did not go as planned and Edgin and Holga get captured and imprisoned for two years. Forge had to start caring for Kira and Simon fled. When Edgin and Holga get out they found Forge who was now a leader of a town with Sofina by his side. Kira was now close to Forge and saw him as her adopted father. The reunion did not go as planned and now Egdin and Holga are on the run. They must form their crew back to steal the treasures they lost in the heist when they got arrested and Forge is also not ready to let go of Kira and Edgin must be ready to prove himself to be able to win her heart back.

Fun movie, many fun paths and I am avoiding saying much not to give anything away. Worth taking your time to go see.



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