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Mafia Mamma (2023)

Mafia Mamma (2023)





Toni Collette

Monica Bellucci


Directed by Catherine Hardwicke


There are good movies and movies that should never even be seen. This movie is one of those that make you want to ask yourself, “who wrote this mishap?” It is unfunny, the story is cringy and stereotypical. It is so easy to guess so much while watching this movie and you are left wondering, “who acts like this in these situations?”

Nothing about this movie seems real and the lead character is made too dumb to even make this movie worth the first thirty minutes you invest into it. I know there are women who take a lot of nonsense from others and keep ticking, but this was too much. Not only was she a walkover, but she was also made to be grateful while other people made her feel worthless. It is odd to find this stamped in many ways in a movie directed by another woman.

Then the supporting cast were made to play characters who were overly played on screen, underplayed or just remnants of an idea of a character.

It is hard for me to say, “this is what is good about this movie.” The reason is, there is hardly anything worth the time I invested in seeing it.

The movie plot is about Kristin who just found out that her grandfather has passed on. She was told she must come to Italy to sort out his affairs. Of cause Kristin who is a walkover in her home and work, did not want to do this. But as movies go circumstances just played a role to get her to Italy. She gets home from work that day to find her husband sleeping with another woman. Then her work shows her little to no regard when she talks and made it plain to her. So, the death of the grandfather happened to come at the right time. Also, she has always dreamed of going to Italy. She gets on the next plane to Italy, bumps into a man and immediately love is kindled (out of nowhere I must add). She is picked up and taken to the funeral which turned into a shootout. She is informed that her grandfather was a mafia boss, and he has passed the reins of the mafia family to her. So, we are left to watch how she bundled her way to controlling the mafia family she inherited and dealing with the enemies.

I can safely say that if you never heard of this movie then you have been saved from wasting both your time and money in seeing this mistake of one hour plus.


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