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Simulant (2023)

Simulant (2023)




Robbie Amell

Jordana Brewster

Simu Liu

Sam Worthington


Directed by April Mullen


Have you seen any movie about the future of A.I. then you have seen this movie. This movie has nothing more to offer than what you have seen before. It borrows ideas from Blade Runner, Ex Machina, I Robot and Her. Then it just goes dull in its execution.

The movie does not even try to entertain, it is boring with no sense of urgency. It does not even try at all to make it all make sense, why all the running around and investigations were leading to. We know it is a rebellion, but ok. The lack of a well thought out cognitive threat or intent shows.

No direct point to a lot of things happening. I spend the whole time pinpointing where each of the things were copied from another movie.

The actors seem to be taken this movie seriously, but the writers showed little care for the copycat way this movie was made. I kept wondering why the director felt that each character must be linked, no matter how loosely the thread is.

The movie is about a future where people have humanoid simulator running around. As you can guess the simulators have rules to which they must follow, a directive which overrules every other directive. They are, they must obey humans and cannot hurt them. There is a taskforce set up to capture rogue humanoid who are living on their own with no human in control of them. It was in the decommission of one of such humanoid that Kessler noticed that the robot failed to follow orders. It also went far as to hurting him, breaking the rules.

He was able to capture her in the end using an emp blast, then the investigation begun unto how she was able to function independently and display emotions.

Somewhere else Faye has replaced her deceased husband with a humanoid, but she is having issues with the presence of this humanoid in her home. She is regretting getting this humanoid and is stuck not knowing what to do next.

The investigation of the rebel humanoid led the taskforce to the presence of Casey whom they suspect is the man behind all this rebel humanoid.

As I said, this movie is no good and it will be one of those ones that will go under the radar of many people because you will hardly see anyone talking about it. The idea that a theatrical release is in the works is very surprising to me, but I guess one way or another they need to re-coup the money wasted on this movie.

This is a hard miss if you want to maintain your sanity and not go rogue watching this bad copy of the best movies concerning an A.I. future, I advise you go see the ones listed above instead.


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