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Polite Society (2023)

Polite Society (2023)




Priya Kansara

Ritu Arya


Directed by Nida Manziir


The kind of people that will love this movie are people like me who enjoyed watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The movie has the Scott Pilgrim feel and I enjoyed how it never takes itself seriously. The movie thrives on blending Bollywood themes with British genetic humor to make you curious. The curiosity is heightened when you discover the societal background of these two misfit young sisters, their society is expecting them to be more and leave their passion behind. These young girls want nothing more than to pursue their passion and don’t mind being alienated from their society.

This is an action comedy movie, written and directed by Manziir in her first feature film directorial debut.

We have movies where people try to break-up another person’s wedding because you believe they are making a mistake and you have a better plan for their own future. This movie is similar with some Scott Pilgrim martial art thing thrown into the mix.

The movie introduces us to two sisters Ria and Lena who want to pursue their dreams. Ria wants to be a Stunt Woman and Lena wants to be an artist. Lena goes to Art school and later drops out and she spends her days at home, helping Ria make her videos as Ria dreams of one day working with her idol a Stunt woman called Eunice Huthart. Their parents who just want their girls to be receptionists or doctors, arranged for Lena to meet with a young doctor, who then proposes to Lena and an arranged marriage is in the works.

Ria is upset by this as she sees it as Lena throwing her dreams away, but Lena seems to be excited by the prospect of getting married.

Here is where you think the movie is going to follow some sort of My Best Friend’s Wedding path, then it takes a serious delve into a world of weirdness with some clones and ideal human specimen for some weird ass experiment.

It is a crazy film and fun to see. I enjoyed it and I think you will too, if you find the sort of things in Scott Pilgrim to be to your taste.

You will like the way the movie did not waste time delving into one of those let us smear the husband to be campaign. The way Ria’s friends backed out of her crazy plan, was not something I expected, but a change from something I would have thought the movie would have wasted so much time on. Then you will also enjoy the martial art effects, it was extreme for no apparent reason at all.


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