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Sex Tape (2014)

Sex Tape (2014)


Cameron Diaz
Jason Segel
Rob Corddry
Ellie Kemper
Rob Lowe

Directed by Jake Kasdan

When you first start watching this movie you will think it has potential. A couple makes a sex tape and distributes it, sounds fun doesn’t it?
It seems easy enough and there are many ways this movie can go to make it great and funny, but instead the writers decided to make the movie look like a bunch of guys knowing what will happen and just trying their best to make it happen.

What I mean is:
The cast were off, the acting is not worth the amount these guys make. The actors were eager to get the sex tape started, that it felt like they were jerking around on screen, waiting to being.
The script though based on a simple idea, didn’t go anywhere, the movie plots starts and ends with they made a sex tape and now have to retrieve it.
Then there is the lines in the movie, it was as the director was so eager to get the whole movie started, forget about reasonable build up to a story, let us just get the whole shenanigans over with and make the sex tape.

Nothing good came out of the 90 minutes I invested in watching this movie, and I feel I was better off not seeing it.

Here is the plot, the movie starts off a little raw as Cameron Diaz, gets very graphical in her explanation or detailing of her sex life with her husband Jason Segel.
The couple Jay and Annie hump like rabbits, then Annie gets pregnant and they got married and their whole life changed. They seemed to be planning to have sex more than they ever get to it, with the kids and work, the couple felt their life was on a standstill.

Then Annie sends the kids off to her mum and she and Jay decided to have sex, which inspired the making of the sex tape, which they did a 3 hour long one.

Jay forgets to delete the tape, and it got uploaded to his cloud and it syncs to all his IPAD devices.
Here is the stupid part of the story, Jay buys a new IPAD as it comes out and he buys two each, so he gives away the old ones. Weird enough, he gives it away to anybody that comes his way.

This movie was a stupid waste of my time and money, I don’t believe this movie was a financial success, please don’t see it.


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