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Maggie (2015)

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Maggie (2015)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Abigail Breslin

Directed by

Maggie is a movie that decided to be different from the rest of the zombie post apocalyptic films and add some... well a lot of drama into the mix. The problem is, it ended up being so boring and I was amazed I stayed awake although the movie. I just kept expecting more, but more never came. Other than the great acting pair Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin are, there is nothing more in Maggie for the audience. Maggie is about a father ready to believe her daughter can beat the zombie virus taking over her body.

Schwarzenegger delivered a strong performance in this movie, one worth commending him for, but the movie lacks fun and excitement to make it a blockbuster. As an independent film with a 4.5 million budget, I guess the makers were hoping their star cast of The Terminator will bring in the cash, but this movie was a flop in the box office.
Arnold is having a hard time breaking into the mainstream again after his hiatus to be governor of California. His movies are no longer a hit churning out flops after flops is not a good way to pave the path towards Terminator Genisys (2015).

This will be his second horror themed flick, the first being End of Days (1999) which was not so great a movie, but was profitable none the less, costing over 80 million and bringing in over 200 million.

Plot: Maggie Vogel (Abigail Breslin) is lost and has been beaten by a zombie and is infected by the Necroambulist virus and she is fast turning into a flesh eating being. Her father Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) found her in a quarantine hospital and has been told by the doctors she only has about a week to go before the virus fully takes over.

Wade takes her home to care for her, his intention not quite clear what he was going to do about the situation as he watches Maggie is gradually changing and the people around asking him to take her to quarantine or do her in himself.

What we get to watch is how Maggie deals with her issue and how her family reacts to it.

I wanted this movie to be great, but it is not. Everything about Maggie drags except the acting and I really wish this will not have an impact on the performance of Terminator Genisys in the box office.


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