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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)


Christopher Reeve
Gene Hackman
Jackie Cooper
Marc McClure

Directed by Sidney J. Furie

Plagued with a horrible storyline and graphics that practically shit on the last three Superman films, here is a movie that 20 minutes in you are sure you have wasted your time and you start to feel sorry for Christopher Reeve for even being part of this film and wrecking a wonderful franchise of him being Superman.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is a movie where the story is based on Lex deciding to take on Superman on his own turf. As fun as that may sound the problem is the writers and producers found a way to wreck it, based on the numerous ways the writers could have spun this which could have seen the introduction of Bizzaro, the writers decided to go with Nuclear Man.
Before you start cracking your brain on who this man is in the comic world, he is not there just a character the writers made up to fill that void.

Now other than the numerous plot holes in this movie from, how did Nuclear Man know where Lex is, how come when Lex called Superman he said only you can hear me, but yet his picture is shown on a large display screen.
Then there was the whole playing Clark and Superman double dating scam, which made the women look like idiots from not figuring out that Clark didn’t come back up when he missed his elevator. I can carry on punching holes into this movie’s plot, but there is no point.

The movie was both a critical and commercial failure mostly because the producers of the first three films (Alexander and Ilya Salkind) wrecked a good series with Superman III (1983) being comical instead of serious. They tried bringing back life into the series with the critical and commercial failure of Supergirl (1984), after these concurrent failures they sold the franchise.
The new owners then made this film with the minimum budget available and the crappiest script they could find. Jon Cyrer who played Lex nephew Lenny Luther was noted for saying the movie is an unfinished project based on the studio running out of money.

As said from above the movie plot is based on Lex getting even with Superman on his own turf, Lex’s plan gets on their way when his nephew Lenny broke him out of prison.
Lex stole a hair of Superman from a museum and used it to create a clone, not just any clone a clone whose source of power is solar energy. The new villain was named Nuclear Man. Now Superman has to face up with this clone who is as powerful as him.

I so much wish this film was never made.


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