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1922 (2017)

1922 (2017)



Thomas Jane
Neal McDonough
Molly Parker

Directed by Zak Hildtich

The movie 1922 is an adaptation of a Stephen King novella of the same name from his collection Full Dark, No Stars published in 2010. The story of this adaptation is about one decision a farmer made to keep his farm and, in the end, see his life got twisted upside down.
The movie is intriguing and in no way helped with my fear of rats.
The acting and portrayal of life on the farm to me lacked the flair I used to have when reading Enid Blyton books of life on the farm. Not saying Enid did a better job at showing what life on the farm truly is, but I can tell you this movie will delete all the fun fantasy of childhood you used to have of the Enid Blyton books.

The setting and staging of this film is very boring and looked too secluded for anyone not to go crazy living there. The movie for what its worth is well paced, does a good story telling and nice acting enough to make you sit to the end to see what becomes of this diabolical mind of the farmer. I have not read the book, but I can say the book must have been good if this is what came out of it.

The movie plot is about a family, the James.
The family consist of the father Wilfred, the mother Arlette and their son Henry.
Wilfred owns eighty acres of land and his wife inherited a hundred acres of farm land from her parents, the lands are adjoined. The James lived off their land, in a farm house.
Wilfred was very proud of this land, and he worked on it day and night to take care of his family with a dream that one day he and his wife will leave the whole thing to their son.

At first things seems alright with this family, they had their rituals and they managed fine, but before long we come to see that both Mr. and Mrs. James despised each other. Both desiring to be far from each other as much as they can, but the only thing holding them together is their son.
Wilfred was not willing to go along with his wife’s idea, as she wants to sell the hundred acres and share the money 50/50 with him, move to the city with their son and they divorce and go their separate ways.

His next line of thought was to find a way of tearing their son away from the mother and make him loyal to him, which he succeeded. His next line of thought was then which way was best to own everything and keep his son with him.

1922, is not one great movie to go see, its way of passing on its message is average at its best and that is the best way to rate this Netflix movie, average and watchable.


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