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Annihilation (2018)

Annihilation (2018)


Natalie Portman
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Gina Rodriguez
Tessa Thompson

Directed by Alex Garland

The argument that this movie is more suited for the cinema’s or better set for the small screen (Netflix), is one that I feel the later is more suited for this film.
This Sci-Fi drama explores an event where a certain area of the planet (a lighthouse) is hit by something from space. The area is cut out from the rest by a glow or globe and inside this glow some fast rate mutations is making everything contained within the area (animals and plants) look more advanced and scary to behold.

Natalie Portman drives this movie with the aid of awesome directing to perform excellently well as Lena, a biologist who was once a military personal and it was there she met her husband, Kane.
Kane goes on regular missions for his country and always returns home to his wife.
The movie is set on a timeline where Lena is being questioned about her return from visiting the area covered by the glow. Her tale starts when Kane goes on a mission which he keeps the location a secret from his wife as to the where he was going. It so happens that after Kane jet out on this mission he has not returned in a year.

It is certain to all that Kane has passed even Lena has come to accept that, but her life seems to have hit a stop as guilt makes her stuck in a moment.
That evening when she was arranging the home, she looks at the doorway and there stood Kane. She runs to him and as they spoke she could tell something was off, but soon as they sat Kane started coughing blood as all his internal organs starts to shut down causing heavy internal bleeding.

She calls for an ambulance, but before they could get to the hospital there were stopped by the military and taken to a secret base.

When she awoke at the base, she is told that Kane is still alive, but his condition deteriorating. She was then asked numerous questions on what he told her upon his return, but her inability to correlate what he said during his return led the head of the facility to tell her about what Kane’s mission was.
She told Lena of the location where the object from space hit, and how a certain glow from that place is expanding. Kane and his crew were sent to explore, but only Kane came back.

After much talk she decided to join the next team to go explore the location. Upon entering the glow, the she found herself waking up from a deep sleep, with no recollection on when she set up camp. She stepped out of her tent to see her colleagues siting and preparing to head out.
They informed her that they too have no recollection of setting camp or even laying to sleep but based on their food reserves they believe they have been there for four days.

They journeyed to the center of this glow, a journey which led them to meet mutated animals which attacked them and video clips which suggested to them that coming into this glow was a mistake.

The movie is fun and contains many horrific scenes to keep you a float with excitement. It is guaranteed to impress with awesome directing and outstanding CGI effects.
The movie has one thing going strong for it, its ability to surprise you at every turn of event. Nothing goes as it should and that was the great thing about this movie.


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