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Batman Begins (2005)

Batman Begins (2005)


Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Liam Neeson
Morgan Freeman

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Batman Begins is not that great a movie I will have to say, the movie scrapes at an ok.
I re-watched the movie again thinking that the reason I didn’t enjoy it on the first run was because I didn’t give the drama in the long introduction and buildup a chance.
This time I listened, gave it a chance to build and yet I got the same vibe I got when I say the third movie in the series, The Dark Knight Rises (2012). That too was an ok movie, just like this one.

Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy to me only produced one film, The Dark Knight (2008). The movie before and after are just tying up loose ends, which I would not have mind if they were left undone.

Batman Begins, truly is the beginning of how Bruce became Batman. You must endure the long road before Bruce (Christian Bale) finally started wearing the suit. What I really appreciated though in this movie is the introduction of someone like Fox (Morgan Freeman).
It is hard to sell that Bruce and Alfred on their own came up with all the gadgets and machines by themselves without external help.
Christopher Nolan covered that plot hole with the introduction of a third party. Fox’s task is to make the suit and as we continue to see in the trilogy, he was Bruce Wayne’s Q (James Bond has a man who makes all his fantastic gadgets and his name was Q).

After the death of his parents Bruce grew up under the care of Alfred (Michael Caine). Soon he allowed his anger and fear get the best of him and ran away to go discover himself.
He allowed himself to get sucked into the underworld, fighting and battling to stay alive hoping to understand and best the life of criminals. It was there he met, a man.

The man is a member of the League of Shadows led by Ra’s al Ghul. The man introduced him to the League of Shadows and there Bruce learnt martial arts and many more skills to be able to defend himself and take on any criminal minded individual.
The time came for him to now be a full fledge member, but Bruce couldn’t do what it takes to be the member of the league and his actions led to the death of some of its members, including Ra’s al Ghul.

He made it back to Gotham and with the help of Alfred and Fox, he began his vigilante act of being the Batman.
He was trying his best to clean up Gotham going after corrupt cops to find who is trying to poison the city, only to hear that the person behind it all is Ra’s al Ghul the person he believed died.
Now he must face his demons.

The movie serves as the need beginning for Nolan to build The Dark Knight (2008) on, and for that reason and that reason only I believe this movie deserves a 6/10.


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