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Bird on a Wire (1990)

Bird on a Wire (1990)


Mel Gibson
Goldie Hawn

Directed by John Badham

With Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn on the lead roles this movie was a box office hit in 1990 which that is all that was back then.
Bird on a Wire lacked the needed excitement needed to keep you glued from the start to finish. The whole shady FBI office having the ability to do so much damage to a witness protection program was just too flimsy. I do not know much about witness protection, but if someone’s life can be ruined because the lead office had dementia then what kind of system are there running in the FBI.
Add to that the chase which the bad guys always seem to have a heads up on the location of our get away pips was just way too easy to be annoying.

The acting by the others seem lackadaisical too matter and even the two leads seem to be handling the life threatening situation a little too easy. The best person for a witness protection program is our lead act here Rick (Mel Gibson) as we see through the movie he as a jack of all trades in the places he worked under the program. As a matter of fact he was so good at his jobs none of them wanted him to leave and he was the best there all ever had, what a coincidence.

The movie is about a man who was set to be married fifteen years ago when he was sucked into the witness protection program leaving his wife to be at the altar.
Now she (Marianne – Goldie Hawn) got on with life with the believe that he was dead and became a high flying lawyer.
When she was handling a client in another city, she pulled into a gas station and there he was her man who left her at the altar. She confronted him, but he just denied it having changed his appearance a little it seemed easy and she believed him. Although the before and after picture of himself is just different with a shave.

Around the same time the man he testified against got out on parole, he called his contact in the FBI who didn’t know where Rick was, but by coincidence Rick called the FBI office at around the same time. After Marianne sees him he calls to be relocated and the corrupt agent happens to be the one who gets the call transfer. He tells Rick that the officer in charge in the Bureau has retied and he is now the one handling the case. He gets Rick current location and sends the bad guys after him.
The show up the same time Marianne shows up to confront Rick again that she was lying and he is who she thinks he is, some guns go off and both of them are now on the run together.

The amount of coincidence that has to happen for this movie to start being a chase was way too much for you to just enjoy it. Skip this one.


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