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Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke (1997)


Starring the voices of

Yōji Matsuda

Yuriko Ishida

Yūko Tanaka

Kaoru Kobayashi

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki

This Japanese animation is very powerful with a message that resonates with the time now in 2020, with the climate change trouble. The plot is matured and the drama is epic with a touch of romance. The musical score adds to the intense of the movie even though the movie is over two hours long, you do not feel the length because the movie never fails to keep up pace. For something done in the 90s, the animation is well drawn and the whole visual of the God of the forest is very fun to see especially in the end. The way the animation and the plot climaxes is awesome.

Back in the 90s the problem with the environment and the damages humans are inflicting on our forest and the wild life that live therein was taking flight. Now two decades after it has been said the damage to the atmosphere and the earth is beyond return.

This animation is written and directed by the great animator himself, Hayao Miyazaki who also gave us the irreplaceable Spirited Away (2001).

The movie starts with the introduction of our protagonist Ashitaka, who is the prince of a village which is being attacked by a demon driven animal. Ashitaka was poised to save his village and in so doing, he was touched by the demon. He eventually killed the demon boar, but his right hand has the demon touch and the corruption is spreading. He is told that he has to get healed unless he will die. The villagers discover that the demon is one of the forest gods named Nago who came from the western region. Ashitaka was told to go to the western region where Nago is from and he should be able to find healing for his arm.

His journey to the western region he discovered that the demon touch gave him superhuman strength. He meets a man who tells him that the only way he could find healing for his hand is to locate the Great Forest Spirit. His journey leads him to meet a colony which is being attacked by a young girl and giant wolves. The colony makes guns and mine iron, in doing so they have been damaging the forest and the girl and wolves are trying to protect the forest from these people.

We soon see Ashitaka loyalty shift from one side to the other, as he is trying to make peace and end the bloodshed. Soon he is on the outs from all side, while is pending predicament with his arm is still lagging resolution.

The animation was a critical and commercial success and seen as one of the fine jobs to come from Studio Ghibli.


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