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The Secret of NIMH (1982)

The Secret of NIMH (1982)


Starring the voices of

Elizabeth Hartman

Hermione Baddeley

John Carradine

Dom DeLuise

Derek Jacobi

Directed by Don Bluth

The Secret of NIMH, is a very deep tale of a secret society of rats and their connection to a certain Jonathan Brisby, a mouse. For an animation I have to be honest this is very surreal. The whole plot is very deep, strange and the tiny thread of the challenge faced by Mrs. Brisby concerning her son Timmy is what ties the whole story together. For what we are watching is a mother trying to save her son.

Based on Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien a children's book written in 1971. The movie is a wonderful project of Don Bluth, his first full length film which he wrote, directed and produced.

This animated adventure starts with a minute tale of Mrs. Brisby son, who is ill with pneumonia. The whole movie then grows into something of much characters, secrets and an adventure all centered around this main issue, Timmy being sick. Mrs. Brisby need to find a way to save her son is the tether of this animated film, as we explore many things and get to know more about NIMH, the rats and The Great Owl.

I can say even though this was not done by Disney, this really trumps some of the works done by mouse house till date when it came to the plot. For the animation, it for me is first class for any animated film done in the 80s. The great plus for me in this animated masterpiece is the way the story is very captivating, secretive with genuine mysterious of what NIMH is and how come the rats acted weird. That powerful writing makes this something an adult will enjoy viewing, then the comic aspect and the adventure is gentle enough for children to enjoy.

Mrs. Brisby need for a solution, other than listening to the wise mouse Mr. Ages who told her to let Timmy rest and give him some medicine was because the farm she lives in was being ploughed. We get from the film that ploughing has come early and Mrs. Brisby can no longer wait for Timmy to get well so she can move, she has to move immediately. Problem is Timmy’s illness will lead to the death of him of she tries to move him. Mrs. Brisby’s courage and her love for her son is the inspiration for this adventure and the movie never stops unveiling things even when you think it is done and there is nothing more to know.


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