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Cherry (2021)

Cherry (2021)




Tom Holland

Ciara Bravo

Jack Reynor


Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo


This movie has one great thing going for it, it is easily forgettable so I know, the dread of seeing it will not last long.

Like the movie’s portrayal of Tom Holland’s character Cherry, a drug addict – I think many people have a high of Tom Holland. Because I am seeing this film based on the numerous good reviews, but after seeing it myself I wonder what was it about this film they like?

It is not believable, if it is that easy to rob banks everyone will be robbing a bank. He literally just walked in and no guard tried to even stop him. Then his relationship with his wife and their whole drug addiction bends is so silly. Then the movie sticks to a formula we have seen playout numerous times. Add to that, this movie is way too long and not a single moment in this movie captures your attention and makes you go, “hmm.”

Even though the movie does carry a lot of visuals, this first take of the Russo brothers after the Avengers: Endgame (2019) is a complete dud. I do not get why the movie is over two hours long, telling us a story we have seen playout numerous times and what the hell is with the whole forth wall breaking thing, that did not last.

The movie plot starts with us seeing Cherry holding a bank cashier at gun point. We then get to see what led to him being in that situation. We start with his life as a young man, falling in love and when she broke his heart, the moron enrolled himself into the army. The movie then drags us, with wasted endeavor to sow the seed of trauma. We are supposed to feel sorry for Cherry after seeing all he went through when he enrolled. Then he got out of the army and became a drug addict, he is however married to his love who jilted him, they got back together and he drags her into his drug habit.

Soon, every money they had goes into drugs and one day when high they freaked out of their minds and got rid of some expensive drugs and were owing lots of money. Cherry then resulted to bank robbery to clear their depth and further drown himself and his wife in drugs. How their tale turned from bad, to worse and to good again is what this movie tries to make you think is entertainment.

One thing I give Holland credit for is, wanting to diversify his acting career. Taking different acting jobs that put him in a different spotlight from his MCU spot and his solo movies playing Spider-man in 2017 and 2019.

That said, I will not advise anyone to waste their time to see this film.


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