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I Care a Lot (2020)

I Care a Lot (2020)



Rosamund Pike

Peter Drinklage

Elza Gonzalez

Dianne Wiest


Directed by J Blakeson


The comedian John Oliver did better justice to the main topic of legal guardianship than this movie. His comedic tone and thrilling reveals beat this movie hands down.

Rosamund Pike is getting a lot of praises for her role in this film, which goes over my head. I felt all the cast members did very well enough with the anticlimactic script they had to work with. Here is a movie which lost its momentum the moment the producers were so game on making the two lead women badasses. Then they gave up on that at the very end.

I just could not wrap my head round how two white collar criminals were able to switch to kidnapping, overnight. Then they did not kidnap a regular guy they went after a mob boss.

They did not make this a sophisticated kidnapping; they just went in with tasers and took down all his security, not one bullet fired. They made it look like something I can do which of course I know I cannot, from then on, the movie for me went downhill.

The plot is about a woman who runs a scam. She and her team seek out old well to do people, get their doctors to put them up as incapable of taking care of themselves and get legal guardianship over these senior citizens. They then use that legal document to sell everything these people have, and milk them for all the money they have.

Things took a turn for them, when they pulled the same stunt on a mob boss’s mother. Her son who is under the radar, did not find it funny discovering that his mother is locked up in a care facility and he is unable to reach her. So, he was now willing to do anything to get her back, including killing.

Also, the feminist moments in this movie were so uncalled for. Twice (or more) she made the point that men will not boss her around. This is a point she made when she stole/kidnapped a human (mothers) from these men and they are asking for their human back. How is that them trying to boss you around?

Then add the incompetence of the mob boss’s men who are unable to complete an assassination twice. All these were not done with comedic tones, but made to look like some dumb luck these ladies escaped death.

I have seen this story covered by John Oliver on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. The episode was titled Guardianship and he was able to explain the loophole in the system which could and has led to the incidents depicted in this movie. He also gave tips on how people in the United States can combat such things.

I Care a Lot gave Pike a Best Actress win in the Golden Globes. You can catch the movie on Amazon Prime.


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