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Dragon Rider (2020)

Dragon Rider (2020)


Starring the voices of

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Felicity Jones

Freddie Highmore

Patrick Stewart


Directed by Tomer Eshed


This movie is absolutely missing the point when it comes to entertainment. It dots all the “I” and curves all the “C” when it comes to being a cliché. From the moment the movie starts, you get the feeling of how low bar the aspiration of this movie is. Then when all the plot is laid before you, all you can see is you watching a movie which the end is so clear after 15 minutes. Do not seek depth when it comes to why the silver dragon was so paramount in taking down the bad guy. The movie writer/producer and director don’t think you will be smart enough to notice that little gap, but we noticed.

This German animation does not cut it close to being in the likes of Disney/Pixar. The animation itself was basic, the voice casting not so superb and the whole story is just a long boring ride.

Where was this ride heading you may ask? Well, it is to a place called the “Rim of Heaven.” Which is supposed to be like a dragon utopia.

The why we are searching for this place is simple. Humans and dragons had a little problem with cohabitation many, many years ago. So, the humans created a gold metallic monster called Nettlebrand which eats dragons. Nettlebrand got out of hand and became uncontrollable. The dragons fled the lands where the human’s dwell to hide away from them where they cannot be seen. We also discover many other mythical creatures, who have also left the land of the humans to stay close to the dragons. In this fantasy world, some of these creatures including the dragons can speak fluent English.

The humans constant need of deforestation led to the dragons having to prepare to flee again to hide from humans. One of the dragons a silver dragon named Firedrake has heard of the myth – Rim of Heaven and believes it exist and he now needs to go find it. He is on this search with his best friend Sorrell (she is like a chipmunk). She informed him that there is an oracle who knows everything called the internet which lives in the human world so they need to go find it, as it can tell them where the Rim of Heaven is.

It was going to the human world that they met Ben, a thief whose selfish ways centers around him stealing from others and trying to get one on them. They met and Ben who was on the run at the time lies to Firedrake that he is a dragon rider who has the ability to tame dragons and is best suited to help them find the place they seek. Firedrake bought into the lies and took Ben with them on their adventure to find Rim of Heaven. Someone saw the trio and reported it to Nettlebrand who for many years has not seen a dragon to eat, so he begun his chase of the trio while the trio face numerous battles and adventures on their way.

This movie is a waste of time, please save your children and yourself the heartache of seeing this.


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