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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)




Gal Gadot

Chris Pine

Kristen Wiig

Pedro Pascal


Directed by Patty Jenkins


Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) is a film that takes its time to nail the 1980s and you can feel the power that comes from the director Patty Jenkins in that aspect. Every other aspect of this movie which is supposed to bring the theatrical or streaming power, seems to be lacking. This movie is cliches ‘R’ us, the plot is very well flogged already and the lesson feels like someone watched too much of Disney’s Aladdin. The whole make a wish, take it back or instant gratification not leading to long term satisfaction have been over flogged on screens over the years. I wonder from all her fantastic adventures why this is the one they chose to be Wonder woman (2017) sequel.

Let us not dive into the ickiness of watching Gal Gadot as Diana, Wonder Woman, get to make love to her long-lost love Steve (Chris Pine) who is actually a soul in another man’s body. Then let us not even try to deal with the moral challenge here of taking over the body of another person, yanking their own soul out.

I think the movie just tripped over itself on the same line many movies of old have already, the making of a sequel is always a hit or miss (mostly the later for many films).

The movie plot takes off in this D.C.E.U ninth production is set in 1984. We witness Diana foil a robbery. He powers and ability are envied from Barbara (Kristen Wiig), who wants to be as strong or stronger than Diana. When the two were called to identify the antiquities now recovered thanks to Diana, they noticed the Dreamstone. A stone which has the power to grant the holder one wish.

You can guess that Barbara wishes to be as strong as Diana and Diana wished for Steve back. There is a catch to all this, the wish takes its own fee without telling. We soon notice the effect on both Diana and Barbara. A certain man about to go bankrupt tricks Barbara to get his hand on the stone and his wish and desire was leading to the death of everyone on earth. So, Diana has to come through to save us all.

In the end I feel Gal Gadot stepped up her presence in this film than she did in the first movie. The first film had the problem of the villain not actually making much sense with its delay tactics and whole plan, well this did a little better in that aspect.

In the end, I will not be recommending this movie to anyone to see, the same way people begged me to miss it. I did finally see it out of boredom, but I wish I found something else better to watch.

D.C.E.U is so far back when it comes to appeal and delivery of excitement. Marvel seems to have figured out this trick and it is amazing that their films deliver the needed excitement and mastery of production, all while keeping to a PG-13 rating.


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