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Clean (2022)

Clean (2022)



Adrien Brody


Directed by Paul Solet


This Adrien Brody film ran for just 90 minutes, but still felt like I was watching a 2hrs 30min movie. The movie took its time to get going and dragged on for what seemed like ages to get us into the flow of the mind of the man we are meant to fear his wrath.

It felt like a B-movie knock-off of John Wick, except Wick has some slow buzz going on. I found the setup dull, the movie had a lot of time wasted trying to make us develop a flow to what was about to happen, and when it did everything went down very fast. It does not give room to appreciate his work and just fades into the future of life after his cleanup.

The emotional depth the movie had, is not often used to this extent in comparison to movies of this caliber, but even that was overplayed with his good deeds to the world and the bore of hearing his thoughts.

You can see that Brody wanted this movie to be very memorable, but in the end the amount of love and devotion that went into making this film, did not make up for the lack of originality.

We see Clean doing some cleaning of the neighborhood he lives in. He is a garbage man who not only clears garbage but does some volunteer wok in cleaning the neighborhood he lives. He is tortured by his past, which has a lot to do with the loss of his family. We can sense the darkness which looms in this man, and we can see the cover used to keep it down loosening. He goes for a meeting to help cope and uses the charity work as a release mechanism.

He adopts caring for his neighbor and her grand-daughter and this care made him (even thought at a distant) a part of their lives. One day he rescues her from a group of guys trying to take advantage of her and he did so by unleashing a wrench on all the people involved. One of those men was the son of a notorious drug ring. So, he wants revenge and Clean seems ready to take the world on as this seems like the best way to let off some steam.

In the end I felt much like they could have done better making this a short film. All the extended work did not add much to the movie, and you can still understand the movie if you saw five minutes of him and the neighbor. Then the rest of the movie from him rescuing her down.


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