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Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up (2021)




Jennifer Lawrence

Leonardo DiCaprio

Rob Morgan

Jonah Hill

Meryl Streep


Directed by Adam McKay


Don’t Look Up is packed with satire silliness and a collective mass denial of something that is inevitable. I do not feel the movie is well written enough to gain the publicity that it has, but I cannot deny that the acting is good.

The film sums up what you can expect when such an incident is really going to happen, and we have a president like Tump as the leader of the free world. Don’t be surprised if the turn back a lifesaving mission for profit, because of a last-minute discovery. I for one felt this movie fails to deliver the needed attraction and that in its so full of itself portrayal, it gets wrapped up in its own silliness that it fails to either thrill or entertain me.

Now the cast strength in this movie is not a laughing matter though, everyone of the cast member delivered a strong performance and that is the only thing I believe the movie has.

Imagine a PHD student discovering a comet, a great day. The said comet is 5 – 10 kilometres wide and during the calculation of its trajectory they discover it is heading towards earth. Imagine that lady and her professor head to the White House along with someone from NASA to tell the president of the pending doom. They were expecting some deep meetings with Madam President and her staff, but only got treated as a disturbance and their message a spook.

Worse still that president is surrounded by yes-men who fail to see the gravity of anything that does not add to the common goal of making her look good or lining her pocket. That is the set-up for this movie and the PHD student Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) is shocked by how the matter is being handled and her professor Mindy (Leonardo Di Caprio) is swept up in the moment as the whole incident gave the two some public light and he got lost in it.

Meanwhile the President (Meryl Streep) is crunching numbers of how they can exploit the comet heading towards earth for some financial gain.

The movie drowns all this dramatic incident with some outlandish comedy that never hit home for me.

On rotten tomatoes critics are divided and the audience score is below 80% so even though this movie is highly popular and will be seen by millions it is far from being the class see everyone is making it out to be.

You can find this movie on Netflix.


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