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Last Looks (2021)


Last Looks (2021)




Charlie Hunnam

Mel Gibson


Directed by Tim Kirkby

This movie is really nonsense because the director failed to make the actors matter when it comes to the scene or the things that concerned them. The plot unravels like the characters already know the end from the beginning and so when you expect them to be worried or act in a different way they don't. The movie is based off a book called Last Looks by Howard Michael Gould who also wrote this screenplay.

Last Looks is anything but a movie you should imagine is worth your time. Here is a movie about a retired police officer who was once one of the most decorated young officers in his district. His retirement for like a quarter of the movie is a mystery that I felt they wasted time trying to make a big deal out of, he put the wrong guy in jail and ruined his own life in the process.

He is asked to get involved in case concerning an actor Alastair (Mel Gibson), who is being investigated for the murder of his wife. Problem is that Alastair is finding it hard to put two and two together because he is a drunk.

He claims he is not taking the case, then the case which he was not on, then later was on – turned into another mystery. The friend/lover who had initialling asked him to come join her in the investigation goes missing after their visit. He learns of this when he is visited by some supposed to be intimidators which brings to his notice that the studio to which his supposed client works did a press release saying his has taken up the investigation.

The missing friend was the driving force that makes him take the case, but the director of the film didn’t want to make that a very compelling reason. Why he decided to make the lead Charlie (Charlie Hunnam) be complacent about his missing friend while jumping around on a case he said he does not want to have anything to do with, goes over my head. I kept wondering, when is he going to jump on the case of his missing friend.

The director had other plans, it turns out the friends was in it big in some investigation on some next level gangster named Don Q and he (Don Q) was the reason she has gone missing. The moment this hits we are halfway into the movie. So you will think, the director will now make the lead focus on that now. No, he still dives into the Alastair case and the movie then makes the whole missing friend debacle disappear with what they will call a movie twist. I for one call that a let down on movie writing, because now he can focus on the Alastair case and in the end whole thing ends up to be all about money.

My God, there are better things in life I should have done instead of watching this movie.


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