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Five Deadly Venoms (1978)

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Five Deadly Venoms (1978)


Chiang Sheng
Sun Chien
Philip Kwok
Lo Mang
Wei Pei
Lu Feng

Directed by Chang Cheh

If you have not been privileged to have seen this movie, I’m sorry because you definitely missed one of the best martial arts film that there is.

Five Deadly Venoms is a martial film from the 70s that has a great storyline, and it comes along with it a bag full of suspense. The movie carries you along as you try to discover the five martial art crew, and although some are so well pronounced the suspense of whom the last one was, will keep you guessing.

One thing that this old Kung Fu movies have that made me laugh is the way people die. They don’t just drop dead they do a last move, like an attempt to get up then fall down dead, like someone who got stung by a scorpion. And, the blood used in these movies was too red to even be confused with blood, but that aside, Five Deadly Venoms, was a movie done to perfection and it is a cult Hong Kong martial arts film.

The movie’s plot is about a group of five Kung Fu fighters, who were taught by their master, five unique Kung Fu styles:
The first: Centipede, who attacks like he has 100 arms.
The Second: Snake, who can fight with both hands while standing and lying on the floor.
The Third: Scorpion, his kicks are as deadly as a scorpion’s sting.
The Forth: Gecko, who can walk on walls and fight while on them.
The Fifth: Toad, his skin is tough and practically hard to pierce.

The master felt that the five were using their skills for evil deeds and regretted teaching them, so he taught a young student all the fighting styles and sends him on an errand before he (the master) died that he should find all five and stop the ones that are using their skills for evil and leave the ones that are living a good life. But warns that the young apprentice cannot take on any of the five alone, he has to join forces with anyone of them that is on the good path before he can successfully take them down.

There is more in the story, but I will leave you to it to find out.

The movie’s display of martial arts is its strong point; it is both interesting to see these styles being used and to see how they all had a weakness.


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