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The Family (2013)

The Family (2013)


Robert De Niro
Michelle Pfeiffer
Tommy Lee Jones

Directed by Luc Besson

Regardless of what has been said or what I’m going to say I liked the movie. I think it is because of the Teenagers in it. They were very violent and smart in a way that proved that truly a Mafia Boss was their father, and they learned a lot from him.

Then when things turned sour their actions were just annoying and I started to resent the film, but their actions didn’t last long, soon they picked up a gun and started to kill the other bad guys.
The Family is a 2013 film that is not going to be in the list of many high scorers this year or ever, but I liked it and wished I could rate it higher, but the story is very glitcy and the plot had many holes. Then the character of Giovanni played by Robert De Niro was lacking in the finesse that I would have expected knowing fully well that he has had training in being a Mafia Boss in The God Father II (1974).

The movie is about a Mafia Boss Giovanni, who ratted out his other Mafia friends to the FEDs now he is on witness protection and also has a $20 Million rate on his head.
He and his family are finding it hard to make a life anywhere, anytime they settle in a place, something always go wrong causing them to move.

The movie is based on a novel Malavita by Tonino Benacquista and it’s directed by Luc Besson (Taken (2008)) it is an English French action crime comedy, which would have been great if the producers had just put more effort into it and hired someone else to adapt the story.

In the end the movie is critical failure but a commercial success in its own rights. I did think that Tommy Lee Jones is getting too old to be acting tough guy roles, even if it meant the tough guy did nothing, but stood around looking tough.
I can never get tired of seeing Michelle Pfeiffer, that is one woman I always love seeing on TV, and it was because she is in the movie that I decided to watch it in the first place.

Is this a movie I would recommend for you to go see? Nope. I may have enjoyed it, but I cannot boast that anybody else will, so if you get to see it on TV one nice evening, just sit through it.


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