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Chef (2014)

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Chef (2014)


Jon Favreau
Sofía Vergara
John Leguizamo
Scarlett Johansson

Directed by Jon Favreau

Chef is a feel good movie that will make you smile in the end as you wait to see everything fall apart as they always do in movies like this, but it didn’t and the movie just felt good.
It has been a while since I have seen a movie that felt this good, and it was nice that the movie that reminded me of everything having a nice and joyful ending (and they lived happily ever after), was one done by Iron Man director and producer Jon Favreau.

I was not so looking forward to seeing this movie because when it is written, directed and starring the person who conceived the film I start to have doubt about the strength in the depth of the movie.
Chef didn’t help in the elimination of that thought, but it made me understand that when a writer directs his own movie, it comes out in a light that seems like the director knows what he is doing and I get this feeling like, “I’m in safe hands.”

Jon Favreau used aspects of his life in this movie, like coming from a broken home, struggling to be a dad while having to attend to his work and also deciding to back out from big budget movies to directing this low budget independent movie, like his character Carl left a major restaurant to work in a food truck.

Carl (Jon Favreau) was a popular and successful Chef working in a reputable restaurant owned by Riva (Dustin Hoffman). Riva wants Carl to stick with what works when a food critic was going to visit his restaurant, but Carl wants to try new menus, but sticks with the old that works and got panned by the food critic.

The review went viral on the internet and Carl got angry and acted in ways that led to him leaving Riva’s restaurant and becoming popular for not being able to handle criticism. Carl decided to spend some more time with his son and ex-wife hoping it will all blow over. Inez (Sofia Vergara) suggested to him to use this time and try out a food truck business where he will be his own boss and determine what will go on the menu.

The actors in the movie to be honest acted like they had no fault in their acting, it seemed so much like everyone was playing a part best suited for them and I was so impressed with the acting I just sat through the movie lost in its world.

The movie is rolling in over $45 million, for an independent film that is a financial success and I hope many get to see this movie and appreciate it as much as I did.


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