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Taken 3 (2015)

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Taken 3 (2015)


Liam Neeson
Forest Whitaker
Famke Janssen
Maggie Grace

Directed by Oliver Megaton

It took a lot for me to sit through this movie. The movie is not totally a drag and it is not boring either. The best word for it will be “WASTE.”

Waste of talent, waste of reels and a complete waste of money!

Liam Neeson plays Bryan Mills (again) in this third and I’m happy to say final movie in the “Taken” series.

Did I hear a hallelujah?

This movie is nothing compared to flogging a dead horse. This is more like committing genocide in a desolate region.
We get it, Bryan Mills is a bad ass, if you take something from him he will find you, get you and kill you.
We didn’t have to see him do it three times.

The fact that I’m seeing him do the things I know he can do, keeps the fun the movie is meant to deliver at bay. The movie story shows that the writers have lost focus.
The movie is titled Taken, not “Bryan, The Homicide Detective.”

Here is the plot:
Bryan's ex-wife is planning on leaving her new husband. She is getting comfort from Bryan, when all of a sudden death came and she is killed, and her body planted in Bryan's apartment to make it seem like he did it.

Then the cops show up, he beats them up.

A bad ass detective tries to catch him he says, "GOOD LUCK" (get it).

Then he gets help from his former CIA operative friends and his gets revenge.

In this movie, nobody is taken that needs rescuing, just the life of someone Bryan loves that gets smoked out causing Bryan to go back into his box of “I’m a bad guy” and reap out some whoop ass for the culprits.

Plagued with bad directing, a plot with holes like a strainer, I had to endure to the end, watching a movie that I already knew how it was going to end.

Why didn’t Luc Besson just stop at making one of this movie?
Well, I guess the money the studio was offering was too good to pass, because this movie just showed what we already know, nothing different was added or taken (no pun intended) from the movie’s foundational plot.

Don’t bother seeing the rest of the Taken franchise, just see part one and toss the rest, if you have been unfortunate to have seen this, well I guess you have to agree with me, this was CRAP!!!


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