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Noah (2014)

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Noah (2014)


Russell Crowe
Jennifer Connelly
Ray Winstone
Emma Watson

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

As an epic film Noah is classy enough to pass as one movie epic lovers will find interesting and will not have an issue seeing again.
I waited patiently to see this film, and I was met with excitement and thrill as I watched the personal struggles that Noah faced and the trials his family had to endure with as they watched others die around them, the screaming and the longing to follow through with Noah not having an idea where his leading with the Lord will end.

The movie plot centers around the story of Noah in the Bible, when the Lord called him to take all the animals in the world (male and female) and his entire household in an ark, as it was going to rain day and night to drown the whole world.

Filled with exciting acting, Jennifer Connelly again was a mastery of the silver screen. This is the second time I’m seeing her co-star with Russell Crowe and like the way the pair swept the world with wonderful acting in Beautiful Mind (2001), they did same here.

To me the special effects were not superb, but they were good enough to pass the message, finally the movie is fun to watch and if you have not seen it I advise that you do so.

One controversy I read about is the lack of black people in the movie. I’m black and I appreciate the people who fight for equality, but to me that was not an issue.
The issue I had with the movie is the idea that the writers refused to address God as God or Lord, but chose to call Him the creator.
The second issue I had with this movie is the fact that the story of Noah was remixed a little too much, that if the viewer has not read the Bible before and watches this, he the viewer will be misled, by:
1.       How the Lord intended for the earth to be repopulated, the movie left the fate of man in the hand of Noah while God waited on the sidelines for Noah to choose, but in the Bible it wasn’t so. The Lord asked him to go to the ark with his family Genesis 7: 1 – 7 and in Genesis 8:15 – 19, the Lord decided how He wanted the earth to be populated.
2.       No one broke into Noah’s Ark.
3.       Ham was not angered with his father and betrayed Him because he didn’t have a bride, the Bible indicates that when the Lord called Noah, his children were married (Genesis 7: 1 – 7)


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