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A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

A Fistful of Dollars (1964)


Clint Eastwood

Directed by Sergio Leone

Clint Eastwood first lead role way back in 1964 is the introduction of the genre of Spaghetti Western films directed by Sergio Leone. This wonderful western movie is a classic and is part of the Dollars Trilogy and is the first of the trilogy, introducing Clint Eastwood as stranger with no name.

Produced on a $200,000 budget, Sergio Leone made good use of his environments and blessed with an awesome cast, wonderful dialogues and catchy lines, he succeeded in making this movie a memorable one. Once you’ve seen this movie you will be geared towards seeing the rest of the trilogy.

A Fistful of Dollars is seen more as a remake of Akira Kurosawa film Yojimbo (1961), which was about a Samurai playing the role Eastwood, this remake is just as good as Yojimbo (1961).

The movie also has its bad side, when it came to effects: The shooting effects were cool, but when it came to the damage it could have been done better. You will notice at a scene that when Ramon shot at our man with no name, we don’t see any damage to his cloth after being shot. Then the blood effect, I think it could have been done better.

Now the movie plot starts subtle, we see the lead watch a man and his son harassed by some bandits and doing nothing about it. He goes into a strange town and gets shut at by some hoodlums. He gets info on who they are and decided to go take them out. He succeeded in doing and wins favor of the rival gang Rojo. The Rojos paid the stranger for taking out four members of their rival gang, the Baxters.

Now that our stranger is aware that this two gangs are at war for control of the town he decided to play one against the other in other to make money from both. Each one of the gang want to hire him because he was the fastest gunslinger in town, but the stranger alternated his services, betraying one for the other and vice versa to achieve an aim that is best known by him alone.

His friends in this weird plan of his are the local bar owner and the undertaker who seem to be in much business now that this new stranger has come to town.

Here is a wonderful movie to have in your archive.


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