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Peter Rabbit 2 (2021)

Peter Rabbit 2 (2021)




Rose Byne

Domhnall Gleeson

David Oyelowo

James Corden (voice)

Margot Robbie (voice)


Directed by Will Gluck


I recall enjoying the first Peter Rabbit and I think many other people did too so maybe that is why they believed to add to the fun by giving us Peter Rabbit 2, problem is I struggled to keep my eyes open. This movie was not as good as the first one, it just had many more characters and a plot that felt like the director bit more than he could chew.

A lot was happening in the home front for Bea who is now married to McGregor. Then there was a lot happening in Peter’s life who (as a rabbit) was going through some deep stuff about his past and his present.

We also had Flopsy and Mopsy going through their own form of identity crisis and there is a massive book deal in it for Bea which seems to want to take her away from all she knows. I would not say there was too much happening which the movie would lose you – all these are well arranged to make sure you do not get lost (well done to the director for that). The problem was all these gave the movie so much to do and removed the fun laughs and excitement from the first movie.

Peter Rabbit 2 is a live action/computer animated comedy movie, based on a series of children books by writer Beatrix Potter, this new addition to the Peter Rabbit story starts at a wedding. Bea (Rose Byrne) is getting married to Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) with Peter being the best man. The challenge to Peter is that he is losing his precious Bea with whom all he and all the animals have formed a family. Or in another way, their family is expanding and adding Thomas to it.

Thomas is still not fond of Peter’s mischievous ways and Peter starts to get the feeling that he is missing something in his life, his father.

When a publisher approaches Bea with a publishing deal which we see a lot of changes to the book characters and their places of adventure, Thomas was not onboard. Even Peter was not fully in support of the idea, which led to him running into another rabbit who claims to be a friend of his father.

This Rabbit has his own crew who are thieves who are planning a big score and want to use Peter’s skill of mayhem to make it happen. Now Peter feels at home with this crew and he is now caught between his allegiance to this new family and the one he has at home.

It is hard to find anyway to recommend this movie, just wished they had stuck to things happening on the farm.


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